Who couldn’t use a little boost on their blog, a bit of mojo on their website?  While companies like MSN, Hotels.com, and Pepsi have been using this clever technology from Imagini that offers up picture quizzes to people which then helps them receive personalized content, regular folks like us haven’t been able to take advantage of this next generation recommendation technology.  But that is changing.  Starting today, you can build your own Shop featuring cameras, mobile phones, travel accessories, etc.  While your users learn something about themselves and find the perfect camera amongst the 95K on Amazon alone, you’ll have enriched analytics about your readers and your site will be SEO optimized too.  Plus, if you’re an Amazon Affiliate, you’ll earn at least 4% of the revenues generated from your Shop – if not more!

The Shops are still under private beta for another week, which means you’ll need a code to get one now.  But don’t worry, we’ve got a couple, so just ping me and you’ll be ready to rumble.