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The team descended upon GigaOm’s Mobilize conference yesterday and was surprised to find the press attending had swollen to about 200, which is quite impressive given I heard the overall attendees were around 800.  Why so many press so suddenly?  Motorola announced a new phone at the conference called the Cliq, which utilizes Google’s Android operating system.  The whizz factor of the phone is the visually stimulating screen packed with pictures and text bubbles that illustrate social media conversations come alive.

“I can’t imagine in five to seven years’ time, consumers not thinking of this” (cut to Motorola’s co-CEO Sanjay Jha shaking his phone at Om Malik, founder of GigaOm) “as their primary computer.”

I agreed with Jha.  I too believe the phone is heading in the direction of the PC and can’t wait for the day I can go through an airport security line and not have to lug out my behemoth Dell and then get electrocuted when I pick it up after it’s gone through the x-ray scan.

Another highlight of the day for us was supporting CEO of Flirtomatic, Mark Curtis, at the conference.  He spoke on the “Monetizing Mobile Apps” panel and had some great stats to share:

“A mobile user is 3 times more likely to spend money on our service than an internet user.”

“Mobile advertising has a great future ahead, but it’s currently only 25% of Flirtomatic’s current revenue.  Flirtomatic sells mobile advertising to it’s users so that users bid the most exposure on Flirtomatic. Flirtomatic gets the most exposure: 4x CPM on user-based-advertising vs brand-based advertising.”

When asked how do developers monetize mobile web apps, Mark responded:

“I think they need a 3-5 year plan. It’s possible to monetize mobile web apps, but it’s not easy.  “When the [carrier] revenue share on billing gets to a more reasaonable level, I’m going to be doing handsprings.”