I haven’t been back to Murray Circle in Sausalito since it opened and subsequently received a Michelin-star, so I was curious to see how it had changed in the interim.  The service had solidified, with the team of wait staff all well-versed on menu and nuances of discreet yet personal service.  The food this time around was flawless.  We started with an oyster bisque with a fluffy foamy dollop of a dijon mustard “floating island” that had a definite kick that wasn’t overpowering. 

Next we had a squab and lobster salad served with a reduction of the juices from both of the meats ladled over the salad tableside.  Both of the meats were succulent – the squab had a slight smokiness that added an earthly flavor which was balanced by the sweetness of the lobster. 

For our mains, we had local rabbit stuffed with foie gras which was one of the best dishes I’ve had in a long time.  The rabbit was tender and subtle, while the gems of foie gras added a hearty, savory element.  We also had the baby red abalone with suckling pig confit.  The abalone was cut in thin slices and definitely benefited from the salty, confident flavors of the pork.

We also enjoyed a cheese plate to finish our meal.  So many restaurants don’t offer a cheese plate for dessert, which I think is a bit mistake, because sometimes I’d rather have something savory and salty to accompany my last glass of wine.

All in all, a great experience made even more magical by the spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and sparkling San Francisco on the other side of the bay.  Murray Circle has come full circle since launch and I applaud their efforts.

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