Last year we had a rather large lizard that I discovered in our house.  It turned out that although she was a wild lizard, she was quite friendly and tame.  So I let her stay and patrol the house for crickets and gave her a name, Lizzy.  Lizzy lived with us for about 9 months, but when the temps dropped and the food source became scarse, she didn’t very healthy anymore so I tried to perk her up with a heat rock and meal worms.  Well, in the end, she didn’t survive, and I must say I was sad to bury her.

Today I discovered a mini version of Lizzy in the house – a baby about 2 inches long.  This lizard was also very tame – it just sat in my hand after I captured it and wouldn’t leave.  I let it go out in our garden and eventually it scampered off under a bush.  Hope it does well and maybe I’ll see it sometime next year when it’s an adult.

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