An interesting start of my trip occured when I checked into the hotel, only to discover there was no electricity.  The hotel staff had to show me to my room via flashlight. I also got a free workout, as I had to lug my suitcase up 6 flights of stairs.  But that’s okay when you’ve had to sit on your butt for 9 hours confined in an airplane.

My time in London was jam-packed.  So much so that I’m very grateful that I packed a couple of extra PowerBars, which I call “emergency rations” in case my jetlag biorhythms decide to kick in and crave dinner at 2am.  In this case, due to the fact that I decided to walk to as many meetings as I could, I didn’t leave enough time in for food during the day and felt a bit famished more often than not.

The exciting bits of my trip are of course the parts I can’t really share, but suffice it to say that I had great meetings with up-and-coming startups, those who have already gained traction, and those who are making serious revenues already.  While I was there, EA announced their acquisition of Playfish and Playdom received a hefty investment.  The games category is blazing hot and the tech industry overall seems to be building up much-anticipated momentum.  There seems to be a case of acquisition fever brewing, so perhaps we’ll continue to see some exits.

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