We’re off to a sprint as the year just gets started with the debut of a new client, PerfectStream, which has backing from MP3 co-inventor Professor KarlHeinz Brandenburg.

“When I first met these guys it sounded crazy to me,” Brandenburg told AFP while courting partners for PerfectStream at the Consumer Electronics Show that ended Sunday in Las Vegas.

“But I have a fondness for crazy ideas because when we started MP3 it seemed crazy to everyone as well.”

PerfectStream is set to change the way we consume audio and video content over the Internet, as the technology allows all IP-enabled devices from mobile phones, to TVs to “dumb” devices like digital picture frames to stream personalized content from a variety of sources. 

We’re also excited to be working with Kosmix‘s RightHealth health site, which pulls together information about various health issues and consolidates the data into a comprehensive package, ideal for patients, caregivers, and those concerned about particular health matters (aren’t we all).

Today also marks the first exit in 2010 from pan-European VC, Wellington Partners.  This proves that Wellington’s strategy is paying off as they have sold their stake in eCircle, one of the leading email marketing service providers worldwide, to TA Associates, Boston, as part of a majority investment of over €60 million of the Boston-based growth private equity firm.

There are a couple of other big new developments on our side which we’ll reveal soon, but we’re very excited and happy with the way 2010 is going.  Onwards and upwards!