Dealing with a handicapped pet isn’t easy. Riley weighs 40lbs and is now incapable of walking outside to do his business. This means I have to either carry him up the hill to his favorite spot, or place him in his wheelchair and patiently coax him up the hill (with a pocket full of treats).

One thing that is very easy to do is to get Riley to go down the hill. He’ll run, he’ll chase a ball or stick, he just seems to have more fun. But going up takes ages… and sometimes I don’t have the time (or patience).

So, after reading about other corgi parents who have relied on a pet stroller for their dogs who have DM, I finally bit the bullet and ordered one too.

Yes, I’m sure I will be the only person in the neighborhood who uses a stroller for a dog versus a baby, but hey, I’ve had Riley for 11 years and he’s my furry child. My plan is to put Riley in the stroller, take him all the way up the hill, and then transfer him to his wheelchair so he can get a bit of exercise by coming all the way down.

The things you do for love.