Ahh, social media.  You can see how your friends are feeling or what they are doing or wearing at all times of the day or night… Reunited with high school chums, staying in touch with relatives and acquaintances, it’s all at your fingertips.  And now, you can see if those peeps who have been training for the NY Marathon are actually running as fast as they said they would, or if they’ve taken a detour and planted themselves at the nearest Starbucks (let me apologize now if I actually do end up in a warm and cozy Starbucks at mile 18… just kidding).

The ING New York Marathon released this app yesterday which provides inspiring video, news, and the ability to follow elite runners – as well as your friends – as they traverse those 26.2 miles through the five burroughs of New York. 

Check it out here.  The app is free, but following a friend will cost you $3.99.