Ack!  This message keeps popping up on my iPhone every few seconds or minutes.  Meanwhile, I can no longer play any audio, as it thinks there is some phantom speaker plugged into it.  While this annoying message keeps popping up, it also drains the battery and I can’t even charge it up as the interference seems to also be blocking the charging ability.

After researching the forums, it looks like the culprit may be moist or dirty pins in the connector.  I’ve tried blow drying it and cleaning it, but still no luck.  Today I’m going to try another suggestion – putting my iPhone in a bag of rice to see if the rice will pull out the moisture.

Well, the good news (I guess) is that this will force me to unplug – no calls, no texts, no checking in – while on holiday (although I really enjoy listening to my podcasts while running… uff, guess I’ll just have to listen to my huffing and puffing instead).