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Finish line video and pictures

I just received my official finisher’s certificate today, so I thought I’d add it to this video of me crossing the finish line.

(Note to self: next time don’t wear all-black, and keep your arms up longer after you cross the finish so you don’t look like an exhausted wobbly duck.)

I hope I can run this – out and back – on Sunday

Dang. I’ve strained my ITB. The outer side of my left knee is angry. Too many hills, cantilevers on the roads too harsh (especially on Anderson Drive in Sausalito leading up to the Golden Gate Bridge). I had to skip a day of running, and today, instead of logging in 10 miles, I did a walk/run of 4.

Oh please oh please heal soon, because I really really want to run the NYC Marathon healthy and strong.

This Sunday, I’m supposed to run 22 miles. I’ve mapped out my route – trying to avoid the steep/crowned portion of Anderson. Here’s the route



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