You have definitely not seen a dress like this.  My booty has gotten a bit too Rubenesque for this, but if you’re a nice svelte 6 without “junk in your trunk”, you will rock the room with this little black dress which is demure, sophisticated and unique.

Made in Italy, it’s hard to describe:  The black fabric has a top layer of slightly iridescent material sewn on top, which randomly encases a pale yellow feather.  So, from a distance, it looks as though there is a pattern to the dress, but up close, you can clearly see the feathers.  Hopefully you get the idea from the photos.

I bought this at a boutique shop on 5th Avenue in New York but haven’t worn it in a long time.  If you’d like it, just let me know where to send it.  As usual, this is part of my New Year’s Resolution to “Pay it forward” 365 times in 2010.  I hope this gesture of giving away something to somebody will carry forward and that the recipient will do something small but nice for someone else.  Be it letting the person behind you in the grocery line go ahead of you (well, okay, maybe not if their shopping cart is full to the brim…), or turning a blind eye to that freak road-rager that just cut you off on the highway.