Everybody knows something about Shakespeare but nobody seems to know much about his day-to-day life in London, like which pub, house or theater he frequented, aside from the reconstructed Globe.

What was Shakespeare up to at the Elephant and Castle? Why is the only place we know for certain he lived is buried under a car park with not so much as a plaque to remind us? Where are the local taverns whose names he subversively inserted into his texts even when the play was located in another country?

A new app for the iPhone – called Shakespeare’s London – uses geo-location to conjure back the buried memories of the Bard in the capital.

The creator of this app is none other than Victor Keegan, a former Guardian journalist who now specializes in creative uses of new technology in partnership with developer Keith Moon of Data Ninjitsu. Their previous apps include City Poems, linking classic poems about London to the streets and buildings that inspired them, and Geo Poems which contains all three of Victor Keegan’s books of poems geo-tagged to the places that triggered them. Victor is also co-founder of the world famous and highly regarded online painting community, Deadline Painting Group 😉